Some offers you can refuse

Upon returning from the dreamlike realms, the group begins receiving various offers from a variety of patrons:

Crest_and_Seal_-_Madame_Maxine.jpg1) Madame Maxine – taking responsibility for your actions, you must endure some punishment for your breaches of protocols during the tournament. You can either be publicly flogged or be turned over as indentured servants to the unforgiving Kelemvorians. You will likely be acting as bounty hunters on their behalf. Regardless of your choice of contract, she also hopes you will go against Kelemvorian law and act as double agents, reporting back to her on the happenings around the realms.

Crest_and_Seal_-_Queen_of_Night_and_Magic.jpg2) The Queen of Night and Magic – self-proclaimed “rightful ruler of the Shadow Fen” needs warriors to assist in subduing a rebellion led by her estranged husband. She claims to want to bring order and civility to the “bestial” societies that dwell within her lands.

Crest_and_Seal_-_Emperia_Noble__Daniel_Flushing_.jpg3) Roginald Flushing – concerned with the incursions into Emperia from outsiders, Sir Roginald needs the borders cleared of enemies in order to construct the greatest wall in the history of walling.

Crest_and_Seal_-_Moonlit_King.jpg4) Moonlit King – leader of a rebellion against his estranged wife in the Shadow Fen, he has begun a civil war with the stated intention of bringing freedom and independence to those that have suffered under the Queen’s rule.

Crest_and_Seal_-_Vuur_ryk.jpg5) Bazrik Isj’kaak – his family cast down by his dragonborn kin, he plans to explore far into the mountain ranges seeking to establish a kingdom of his own to rival that of Vuur’ryk.

It is not a decision to be made lightly – your choices will certainly determine your own fates, but may also alter the fate of the world as you know it…Crest_and_Seal_-_Madame_Maxine.jpg


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