In a fog

Upon waking, the Desert Dogs begin preparations for their journey to Duzpadki. Unfortunately, Razal, Aeros, and Raban had all misted out into the “dream state” leaving only Inara and Auron to continue with their mission. With little other choice, the duo hitched up the mules and headed south.

A heavy fog had rolled in overnight, and visibility on the road was terrible. Instead of burning off as the morning grew, the fog intensified until the pair nearly lost the road altogether. Through some small breaks, they also noticed the trees and foliage had changed from what they remembered in the previous days. Unfamiliar with forests of any kind, however, they pressed on, unaware of the queerness of their circumstances.

Soon, they heard voices carrying through the woods ahead and came upon an odd little trio butchering a dire wolf in the middle of the road – a heavily armored fellow crouched behind a kite shield, a tall archer of elvish-looking decent hidden among the trees with his pet wolf, and a small sticky-fingered rascal puppeteering the wolf’’s corpse. Introductions were made and tensions were lowered when the pair explained they were on a mission from god – Kelemvor, specifically. Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidence, anyway), Marutuk, the armored man, happened to be a servant of Kelemvor himself. The rogue was intrigued by the pairs contract and possible reward for helping, and the elf (who the others dubbed Cily) was eager at the opportunity for additional companionship. As they were all heading in generally the same direction, they decided to travel together.

A bit further along, they came upon an enormous gate which mysteriously held back the ever-present fog. It was flanked by two huge armored statutes, and as they approached the gate swung open on its own. After some investigation, the party cautiously passed through the gates which (obviously) swung closed untouched once they were all through. Before the newly formulated Desert Dogs got much further, they discovered a mangled corpse along the side of the road, which Marutuk, with the assistance of Inara, insisted on giving a proper burial. As they closed the grave, they were surrounding by loud howling and set upon by a pack of dire wolves. Auron lit up the forest with excessive amounts of fire and lightening, and the wolves were destroyed. Hopefully the group didn’t draw the attention of any other sinister forces that may be lurking in the region…. but that seems unlikely.


EZAherron EZAherron

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