Swamp Things

“This is starting to get quite annoying…” you all think as you step out of the tavern and are immediately pulled through another … portal? back into Evanna proper.. at least as far as you can tell, that seems to be where you are.

You can’t help but notice the huge battle and siege taking place a few hundreds yards through the thick forested swamp to the northwest. You don’t get far before you are approached by a rider on a horse in the familiar garb of the Kelemvorians – except this one is clearly not wearing ceremonial armor. His gear is muddied and bloodied and he seems in no mood for insubordination. He barks at you to get back to the battle – your orders are apparently waiting, and just as apparent, you are fighting on the side of the Kelemvorians and the Queen of Night and Magic, but the reasons remain a mystery. As you follow the knight to the command area, you’re approached by a junior officer, given a map and a small pouch of provisions, and sent on your mission.

You’re told you are to quickly but quietly make your way to the far corner of the castle where there is said to be a small sewage access in need of repair. If the information is correct, it seems the perfect opportunity for a small force to infiltrate the fort, sneak into the prison area, and rescue the three hostages being held by the Moonlit King’s forces. Still somewhat bewildered as to the circumstances, but feeling compelled and duty bound by your contractual obligations to the Kelemvorians, you take advantage of the chaos of the fighting to get through the heart of the battlefield, mostly by shear physical force. You disguise yourselves in the enemies garb to get further beyond enemy lines. The mud and vine entangled roots and trees slow your progress, and you get turned around just before reaching your destination, at which point you literally stumble into a unnaturally swirling pool of water and are attacked by a small group of frog-like water spirits.

With your most heavily armored combatants unable to effectively maneuver in the swampy pool, what should have been a simple challenge wears you all down to near exhaustion. You are able to vanquish the little buggers, but need to recover for a few minutes before moving on. After catching your breath and getting your bearings, you are able to locate the grated sewer entrance without further hindrance.

You’re able to bust through the grate easily, if not quite silently but before you get far, you step on a swarm of small rock monsters – cobbleswarms, if you want to call them something. Even in your tired state, these are more annoyance than actual threat, but who knows what else lurks down here below this place. You have the feeling you’ll want every ounce of health and energy you can muster.


EZAherron EZAherron

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