Cultists Interruptus

After a successful first battle at the Explorers’ Expo, the party has a few hours to relax and prepare for round two of the competition. A few members of the group are met by some friendly faces, congratulated on their victory, and given some small but useful consumables.

As the group is relaxing, an even more perplexed than usual Grom suddenly fades back into existence. He doesn’t seem to be fully aware that he was ever absent and answers only incoherently when questioned about where he has been. What you can gather makes little sense except that he describes a dreamlike state mixed with a feeling of deja vu… He’s clearly boggled and excuses himself in an attempt to find answers. His destination is unclear but, try as you might, you are unable to convince him to stay and recoup before he heads out….

In addition, Razal is also knocked out of the next round of competition. Apparently, one of the poison drow darts scraped lightly enough as to have gone unnoticed, but deeply enough for its toxin to take effect. With a bit of rest, she should recover fully. Due to your team being down two members, you scour the registered pool of party-less hopefuls and find one particular individual that significantly stands out from the rest – a human paladin who gladly joins on with the team.

For round two of the competition – The Gauntlet – you’re matched against a group of three dryads and a satyr. The Gauntlet consists of a series of challenges meant to test the groups in a variety of different skills. It involves tests ranging from purely physical skills to complex tactical games to negotiations with ogres. The competition is exciting as two teams change leads a number of times. Your party eeks out the victory on the final puzzle and the crowd cheers. Your competitors congratulate you and you all head back to the camps again to get some much deserved rest.

The evening is going rather quietly until you see a series of large magical signals shoot up almost simultaneously from various parts of the City. Your area of the camp is set upon by a rag tag group of cultists? mercenaries? fanatics? It’s unclear who they are, what exactly they want, or why they have decided to create mayhem, but their intent is clear – death and destruction. The few bits of gibberish you do catch seem to be in regards to some god or gods being lies, maybe a half-hearted attempt at conversion to their… religion?… unclear… Fortunately, they don’t seem to be particularly well trained or disciplined, and you handle those nearby without much trouble. You are even successful in capturing the apparent leader of this little troop and have decided to interrogate her. Who are they working for? What is their goal? What secrets will she reveal? Hopefully we’ll learn more next time….


EZAherron EZAherron

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