Tiefling Fighter/Warlock


Razal is a lean, attractive tiefling female of medium height. She is heavily armored, wears a ragged black cloak, and carries a large black shield featuring a white ram’s skull – the standard of her tribe. In her other hand, Razal wields a sword of crackling arcane energy, the color of darkness, which she summons from some internal source. In combat, she switches between swordsmanship and sorcery with relative ease. She presents a confident but sardonic demeanor, and speaks often of her loyalty to Solstern and her tribe.


Razal was a captain in the small army maintained by the Abarak tribe of tieflings in the Solstern desert region. Among the Solternites, the Abarak trade “labor” in the form of undead. Although this practice is viewed by most as somewhere between disturbing and abominable, the Abarak have the greatest of respect for their undead charges. The Abarak practice a form of ancestor-worship to the extent that their ancestors continue to exist and be revered among the living. However, the practice of necromancy in Abarak is heavily regulated with codified strictures around its use and application.

Given the numbers of undead under their control, Abarak is relatively safe from invaders. Their small army provides military intelligence and strategy functions; patrolling the tribe’s borders for threats and advising the priests in-field on the military application of undead (although this hasn’t been required for many years.)


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